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Sofima Filtri ürünlerinin satışı Türkiye 'de tarafımızdan yapılabilmektedir.

Sofima Filtri markası Türkiye de 2006 yılından bu yana avantajlı satış fiyatları ve kısa teslim süreleri ile siz saygı değer müşterilerimize satılmaktadır. Sofima Filtri markasına ait aşağıdaki listede yer alan yada aşağıdaki listede yer almasa dahi sizin ihtiyaç duyduğunuz model yada referansa teklif sunanabilmemiz için lütfen bizimle irtibata geçiniz. Ürünlerimiz Türkiye çapındaki dağıtım ağımız ile kapınıza kadar teslim edilmektedir.

Firmamızın internet sitesinde gösterilen Sofima Filtri markasının yetkili distribütör veya üretici temsilcisi olmayıp, bu sitede gösterilen Özel marka adları ve ticari markalar ilgili sahiplerinin mülkiyetindedir.


Sofima Filter

Today brand of SOFIMA filter is present, together with the main local and major automobile manufacturers of the company because it is active to increase its offer for Asia of the vehicle fleet, in particular for the purpose, for the aftermarket the Far East, which is a powerful development of the Range of distribution products. In many cases through the SOFIMA filter range the presence of abundant on the European market of products with unsurpassed properties with their original characteristics, the product offered for the distribution of spare parts department to the high quality of the products it is particularly interesting.

SOFIMA filter, it can generate a complete set of filter solutions to the highest quality standards for customer satisfaction. This area of ​​the kit provides a mechanic to facilitate the procedure of maintenance vehicles.

Fuel, oil and motor air filters and liquefied petroleum gas and methane filters to ensure proper maintenance and maximum engine power of machine parts. Air filters made from the cabin made of innovative fabrics to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment in the passenger compartment.

Oil filter Thanks to the development of state-of-the-art technology and innovative filter media, SOFIMA oil filters, from the outside of the impurities generated by the normal operation of the machine parts or the engine from the particles and for protection. SOFIMA filters, spin-on, in the version of dip and ecosystems, to ensure the consumption, the best performance in terms of maintenance and environmental friendliness of the engine.

Fuel filter

SOFIMA fuel (petrol) filters to remove the particles contained in the fuel are very important to protect the carburetor or injector to the fullest extent. SOFIMA system has been developed to ensure a long service life for the car, long changing intervals and optimal engine performance. Fuel (gasoline) contains more than 300 items in the filter area is the best tournament of the market request.


SOFIMA diesel filter ensures full engine protection. In particular, they are operated at a higher pressure impurities to protect the water contained in the diesel fuel through the syringe and pumps to failure. SOFIMA is a good filtration capacity for impurities, which in the diesel fuel represents the highest degree as possible separation of the residue of water from the fuel for the "common rail" systems (over 95%) remove a series of masu product. Air filter

They are to clean the air that passes through the combustion chamber to protect the engine from the risk of contamination (dust, sand, etc.), the main component behind the car life. SOFIMA air filters for motor vehicles, commercial vehicles and trucks, the requirements of the market, resulting in a longer filter life and low maintenance costs to anticipate, gives a very good separation efficiency.

Indoor air filter

Interior air filter is protection (dust, soot, combustion gas, bacteria, pollen,) from pollution, is necessary to ensure the car of comfort. SOFIMA air filter is made of a synthetic material, or in extreme weather conditions to maintain a medium particle and pollen capacity to maintain more than 90%, and combined with activated carbon. sofima engine replacement ufi filter sofima filter ufi filters sofima filters

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